Buying and Selling Real Estate Made Simple

Save Equity, Reduce Interest Rates and Be In Control

We listened and created a new process to automate Buying and Selling Real Estate.

Seller Benefits

Sellers keep more equity and save the 3% broker fees by only paying à la carte for how they want to sell their property.  Seller satisfaction is guaranteed because if the Seller feels it gets too tricky, they can convert to full representation at any time and have a Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Attorney represent them.

Vickie Whitson


This is the best idea I have ever seen.  I was able to sell my house the way I felt was best and saved a ton of money.  Then I used them to buy my next home and was able to lower my interest rate.  It was comforting to know I could default to not just a Real Estate Agent but an Actual Real Estate Broker/Attorney.  GREAT PROCESS and I would use them again in the future.

Buyer Benefits

Buyers are finding their own homes online & that’s the challenging part.  Renfi Buyers can:

(1) Buy down their interest rate in a time it is really needed or

(2) If negotiations are tough, they can use the commission to kick in additional incentives in the offer.

(3) Store the credit for the next time they sell a home, it is 100% free or

(4) Keep up to %50 percent of the buyer commission.

Renfi = Real Estate n' Finance


If you take $10,000 to reduce the price of a $600,000 home then you save $39 a month BUT if you take $10,000 Credit to buy down your interest rate then you save $500 a month.

Three steps to your next adventure:

Submit Your Request

Decide if you want to Sell or Buy your own property à la carte or if you want to use the full service Buying and Selling process with your personal Real Estate Attorney and Real Estate Broker. Now fill the form with your request.

Select what Package you would like

There are a list of options you can select as you go through your process of buying or selling your real estate Property. You can select from a menu how you would like to proceed in your package.

Start the Automation Process

You will receive a task list according to your selections guiding you through the steps for the entire process and give you options along the way to allocate work to Renfi to do for you. It's SIMPLE, it's EASY and it's Fast.

Find real estate agents in your area

Want to talk to a specialist, leave your information here for a Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Attorney.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Renfi à la carte gives you the tools to select which parts you would like assistance with and which parts you feel you can handle.  You only pay for what you need.  We will not represent you unless you decide you want to use our full service Brokers or Attorneys in the process. 

Yes, this is a place where you can get help in buying your own property, selling your own property, finding Financing for your new Mortgage or even turning the process over completely to an Expert who is Full Real Estate Broker and if needed can help find a Real Estate Attorney for more complicated situations.

Having a real estate broker who has direct access to a real estate attorney if needed can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Legal expertise: A real estate broker who is also an attorney can provide legal advice and guidance on complex issues related to real estate transactions, such as contracts, zoning laws, property rights, and title issues. This can help protect the interests of the client and ensure that the transaction is legally sound.

  2. Negotiation skills: Attorneys are trained in negotiation and can use this skill to help clients get the best deal possible. They can also provide guidance on how to handle difficult negotiations and help clients avoid common pitfalls.

  3. Risk management: Real estate transactions involve significant financial investments and legal risks. An attorney-broker can help clients manage these risks by identifying potential legal issues and providing guidance on how to mitigate them.

  4. One-stop-shop: Clients who work with an attorney-broker can benefit from a one-stop-shop experience, where they can receive legal advice, brokerage services, and transaction management from a single provider. This can save time and reduce the complexity of the transaction.

Overall, having a real estate broker who is also an attorney can provide clients with a higher level of service and protection throughout the real estate transaction process.

If someone wanted to sell their own property, they would want to know:

  1. What is the current market value of their property?
  2. How can they make their property more attractive to potential buyers?
  3. What repairs or renovations should they make to increase the value of their property?
  4. How should they price their property to sell quickly?
  5. What documents are necessary to complete a real estate transaction?
  6. What are the legal and financial obligations of selling a property?
  7. What is the best way to advertise and market their property to potential buyers?
  8. What are the tax implications of selling a property?
  9. What are the steps involved in closing a real estate transaction?
  10. Should they hire a real estate agent or try to sell the property on their own?

If someone was buying their own property, they would want to know:

  1. What is their budget for buying a property?
  2. What are their must-haves and deal-breakers in a property?
  3. What type of property and location do they want to buy in?
  4. What is the current market value of properties in the area they are interested in?
  5. How much can they afford to pay for a mortgage?
  6. What type of mortgage would be best for their financial situation?
  7. What are the steps involved in buying a property, from searching to closing the transaction?
  8. What are the legal and financial obligations of buying a property?
  9. What documents are necessary to complete a real estate transaction?
  10. Should they hire a real estate agent or try to find a property on their own?
  11. How can they negotiate the best price for the property they want to buy?
  12. What are the potential risks and benefits of buying a particular property?
  13. What is the condition of the property they are interested in, and are there any issues they should be aware of?
  14. What is the future potential of the property, in terms of resale value or rental income?
  15. What are the tax implications of buying a property?

Renfi is shortened for Real Estate And (N’) Finance – a one stop shop for all your Real Estate and Financial needs.

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