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After working in and with the Real Estate industry for the past 15 years, Renfi emerged from our desire to have an easier process for those who feel like they can manage the process themselves.

Renfi is a premium solution for real estate buyers and sellers where modern technology is combined to automate the workflow of selling or buying a property with simplicity to achieve excellence without compromising your ability to buy and sell.

Whether you are a real estate seller looking to list your property or a buyer seeking a better process with more benefits for your next property, you are sure to appreciate the numerous features and benefits that Renfi provides.

Renfi was created to Automate the Workflow behind the real estate process.  With new Technology developed, the entire process is able to automate and save you money when you most need it.  Whether is it less commissions paid with the Seller or a Lower Interest rate for the buyer.  We are here to Automate the process for you, save you a lots of money and make the process smooth. 

Unlike many other real estate companies, Renfi doesn’t confine you to a handful of predefined styles, RENFI offers you the ability to  structure and pay à la carte for only what you want. Our All of the customization options are logically organized in your process to easily select the level of representation you would like.  Do as much or as little as you want. 


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